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Dry conditions have Madison Firefighters on alert

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Fire officials say the lack of rain in the area has created dry conditions that make them susceptible to grass and brush fires.

This makes the use of fireworks and outdoor burning even more dangerous than usual.

Under City of Madison ordinance, only sparklers, snakes, snaps, caps and party poppers are legal within city limits. Anyone caught violating the law will face a first offense fine of $334.50.

At this time, the fire department is issuing no official bans outside current city ordinances.

There are two major displays scheduled in the city during the next week, Rhythm & Booms, on Saturday, June 30, and the event at Elver Park on Tuesday, July 3. These displays are carefully managed with the oversight of fire department inspectors.

City of Madison Fire Inspectors will be on site at set-up, during the event and afterwards to ensure codes are followed, a safe perimeter is established and any leftover shells are disposed of properly.

The Department's brush truck will patrol the area in the event of any spot fires.

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