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SCOTUS rulings debated on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- Two historic U.S. Supreme Court rulings dominate the discussion on Capitol City Sunday this weekend. 

Billy Feitlinger, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, and Rebecca Holden of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce start things off with a debate on the high court's decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Feitlinger said he is thrilled with the court's decision, because he feels it will bring down health care costs for not just senior citizens, but everyone.

"What it really talks about is personal responsibility," said Feitlinger.  "And why should the three of us pay for somebody else, who could afford health care, but we subsidize them by paying for excessive costs for them or their family member to go to the emergency room."

But, Holden said she is concerned about how the law will affect Wisconsin's small businesses.

"When they're limited on whether they're gonna be penalized or not based on their size there's a lot of questions then on whether they're incentivized to grow," said Holden.  "And we don't have any kind of law in this country that prevents somebody from growing beyond 25 or growing beyond 50 (employees).

The other big ruling the Supreme Court handed down was on Arizona's controversial immigration law.

Yer Vang, a Madison immigration attorney answer questions about the ruling and its ramifications.

The Justices struck down three of the law's major provisions, but left another in place.

That provision they upheld allows police to ask someone being stopped for a criminal or traffic offense, to show proof of citizenship.

"When you read the Supreme Court decision, they make clear that, although they will allow this provision, this law enforcement verifying immigration to stay act, its too early to say then, in fact whether this provision would violate constitutional protection," said Vang.

Capitol City Sunday airs at 9:00 a.m., right after This Week with George Stephanopoulos. 

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