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SYSK-- Chris and Carol Zindorf


MADISON (WKOW) -  Two lifetime's of service and giving back led to serving and giving together for one couple. Carol and Chris Zindorf have been volunteering with the red cross for several years, together. Elishah Oesch introduces us to the couple just named the Red Cross's "Hero's of a Lifetime." They're each Someone You Should Know.

Chris Zindorf says, "they said they needed help. They needed a volunteer for the Red Cross. I called the number and I didn't know it at the time but I met my wife."

Carol Zindorf says, "I met Chris on the telephone."

For Chris and Carol Zindorf, love really was just a call away. They met by chance, or design, when Chris decided to volunteer at the Red Cross more than a decade ago.

Chris says, "It felt good serving people and helping people less fortunate than myself." Chris's time at the Red Cross started slowly. He says, "my first volunteer experience for the Red Cross was nothing flattering. I was doing mailing lists." But then, it expanded, as did his relationship with Carol. Chris says, "we have talked about this at great length. How wonderful it is to be of the same heart."

Carol says, "we worked together very well and it just went from there. There is a personal story where I finally thought, ok yah, this is the guy." After some time, 'that guy' became her husband on September 23, 2000. Since then, the Zindorf's have shared their love for each other and their love for serving at the Red Cross. They've done everything from providing disaster relief, to responding to fires, to helping people file their taxes, and it's all been together.

Chris says, "we're so in tune to the same things." And now, they're taking on a new mission: helping the homeless, through the Lend a Hand program. Chris says, "we're able to help a lot of people." The couple plans to continue helping people together for the rest of their lives.

Chris says, "I'll never quit. I'll never stop volunteering." They both say, they'll never stop loving each other and serving hand in hand.

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