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Grass fires continue in Madison

MADISON (WKOW) -- Fire officials have a reminder for residents, as the dry weather continues in south central Wisconsin.

The Madison Fire Department says firefighters are responding to an average of three to five grass fires every day. Officials say there were four grass fires on Tuesday.One was attributed to discarded smoking materials, another started with fireworks, and two more have an undetermined cause.

Madison fire officials say residents should be aware that the extremely dry conditions have dramatically increased the potential for outside fires. They've shared the following tips in order to prevent starting a fire:

-If you smoke, please discard your used smoking materials with care by dousing them in water or disposing them in a non-combustible container designed for that purpose.

-Remember that most fireworks are prohibited in the City of Madison. The exceptions are caps, snaps, snakes, party poppers and sparklers. However, residents are urged to refrain from using any fireworks during this extremely dry weather. Parents are advised to keep ALL fireworks out of the hands of children.

-Open burning is strictly prohibited in the City of Madison. While the city does allow outdoor fireplaces and grills under certain conditions, residents are asked to refrain from using any outdoor fireplaces until the area receives some rain.

Madison fire officials say if any fire poses a safety hazard, firefighters may be called and will extinguish those fires at their discretion.

Residents who see smoke or fire in any grassy area are advised to call 911 immediately. Grass fires move very quickly on dry ground and require a rapid response to ensure containment.




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