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Local nursery rides out drought

MADISON (WKOW) -- It's officially a "severe drought" in southern Wisconsin. Not only are trees and plants in need of rain, the businesses that sell them are too.

"Sales for plants are a little slow, I think people have it in their heads that they can't plant when it gets hot out, which isn't really true, you definitely can plant it just takes a little bit more effort," said Matthew Weaver, a plant expert at the Bruce Company Nursery in Middleton.

Weaver said making sure plants are getting enough water is key. It's something soil expert Professor Bill Bland said most of our grass can no longer access. "Soil holds the intermittent rainfalls we have and supplies plants in between rains, but there's a limit to how much water soil can hold and were rapidly approaching that," Bland said.

Back at the nursery, watering supplies, replacement plants and plants that are easier to take have been popular items. The drought has not only changed the pace of sales and what people are buying, it's also made maintenance more difficult.

"They just need to be watered a little bit more often," Weaver said about the trees. He said they've been spending more on water to keep the plants healthy and the bird baths full, but it's been well worth the effort.

"As long as you get the water in the ground, where it needs to be, getting a good soak, soaking in the evenings and the mornings so the water actually gets into the roots and doesn't evaporate into the air, the plants will do fine and now's a fine time to plant," Weaver said.

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