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Corn crop could be a loss

MADISON (WKOW) -- An agronomist says much of southern Wisconsin's corn crop could be lost unless the region gets a significant amount of rain in the next week.

Landmark Services Cooperative agronomist Joe Speich says the lack of rain has shut down the field corn's pollination process in the critical 10 days after it tassels.

If the plant doesn't pollinate, there will be no ears of corn.

Dane County farmer Mark Bakken says all of his crops have been dry, especially the corn which was planted in May. Without an irrigation system, he's relying on Mother Nature.

"There is moisture down there, but its been dry for so long that the roots are really being taxed to get down there to find water, because they aren't finding it. You start to see they're yellow from the bottom up," says Bakken.

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