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SYSK-- Max Oleson

MADISON (WKOW) -- Giving the gift of life for his entire life, and helping to make sure others do the same. Max Oleson's mission in life is to donate blood and encourage others to do the same. Max is this year's recipient of the Red Cross "From the Heart Award." Elishah Oesch tells us why he's also Someone You Should Know.
Max Oleson has been donating blood almost his entire life. He says, "the first time I was somewhere between the end of high school and the end of college." Max says, "I probably had twenty or thirty units donated." From the time he was young till now, Max has championed giving the gift of life and the American Red Cross. He says, "I have never in my life met an organization that has the talents and the capabilities and the desire to help people that are in trouble like I see in the Red Cross." 
Although Max faithfully gave blood to the Red Cross for decades, a medical condition now keeps him from continuing that tradition. However, that's not stopped him from furthering the cause of donating blood.  Max says, " I know I can't donate blood so I'm going to do the next best thing and find places where people can donate." 
These days, Max goes all around our area helping to set up blood donation centers and encouraging everyone to give the gift of life. He says, "it's a great move to do for your fellow man!" Not only that, but Max says, it's simple and safe for you.  He says, "in the blood collection process, they're very careful with you. They don't want you to faint. They don't want you to have something negative happen." So, they take extra special care of everyone.
Moreover, Max knows just how important donating blood can be because just one pint of blood can save up to three lives. It's that knowledge that fuels Max's mission to help others, like you, give the gift of life.  He says, "I try to do what's needed to help people." 
True to his mission, Max wants to remind everyone that you can donate blood with the American Red Cross at any time. If you're interested in finding out how, and where, you can go to the Red Cross's website at
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