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Aussie football on display at Madison's Reindahl Park


MADISON (WKOW) -- A sport born on the other end of the globe was on full display Saturday at Reindahl Park, on Madison's east side. Australian football, as the city hosted the second annual Madison Invitational Tournament.

Eight Aussie ootball teams from across the region gathered this afternoon including teams from Ohio and Missouri. For the first year, two women's teams participated.

At first glance, Aussie football may look a bit like rugby, but it's got its own unique traits, as the only way to advance the ball is by kicking or punching it.

One of the best Aussie football players the  United States has to offer is Verona native Dan Sarbacker, who says Australian football is really a mix of a number of sports.

"Theres a lot of running and kicking like in soccer and tackling like in rugby without pads of course, so its those things that attract people to the game," Sarbocker said. "It's strength, speed, endurance, you see the field is enormous, so its a lot of running. It's the tactical awareness and the skills that are involved in it, so it's really demanding in every category of the sport."


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