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A 'golden' opportunity: Local teen an Olympic torch bearer


NORTH FREEDOM, Wis. (WKOW) -- Everyone knows what the Olympic flame is, but what you may not know is that flame has been passed between 8,000 torches on a 70-day tour through the United Kingdom.

And one of those torch bearers lives right here in Southern Wisconsin.

North Freedom native, 17-year-old Jordyn Schara, will be watching Friday's opening ceremony, knowing she helped get the flame to its final destination.

"I will absolutely remember it for the rest of my life," said Jordyn.

Jordyn is one of 10 teens from across the U.S. chosen by Coca-Cola to bear the torch in recognition of their good works. Jordyn is the founder of P2D2, which gives communities safe drop-off locations to properly dispose of prescription or over-the-counter drugs. She started the program after a local boy, Alex Aiken, died of a prescription drug overdose in 2010. He was 13.

"The story of his death really touched me because I was about his age, and I just decided that that shouldn't be something that happens," said Jordyn.

But she never imagined that by giving back to her community, she'd receive a 'golden' opportunity by carrying the Olympic torch through a town near Oxford.

"It was incredible. All the streets in the town were just lined with people and kids who had made their own torches, and everyone was just excited to get a glimpse of it. There was an incredible energy in the air," she said.

Each torch bearer only runs for 300 meters, or less than a quarter mile, but it's a few minutes of her life Jordyn will never forget.

"You feel like you're in this little bubble while you're running and it's just an absolutely out-of-body, surreal experience. Everyone's cheering your name and everybody's just trying to get a glimpse of the torch.

"I cannot wait to watch the Olympics. I'm so excited. It just has a completely different meaning to me now. It was special to me before, but now I feel like I have a personal attachment to the Olympics. Even though I'm not participating in any sports, I just feel like I was able to share in that energy," said Jordyn.

Jordyn will be a senior at Reedsburg high school this fall. She says her favorite Olympic sport is tennis.

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