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Christmas tree growers losing seedlings to drought


OREGON (WKOW) -- The drought has killed many of the newly-planted Christmas trees in southern Wisconsin.

Growers say they'll have to plant twice as many next year to make up for the loss.

However, not all growers are being hit hard by the drought. Greg Hann, the owner of Hann's Christmas Farm in Oregon, says only about two percent of his trees are a loss.

"I think that some of the smaller growers that don't have the irrigation are going to get hit hard, they're going to lose trees, probably from this year's planting up to three to four years old, depending on the lay of their land and their soil conditions," says Hann.

Hann says there is still a concern for August because it is usually the hottest and driest month, but he says he thinks the industry will do fine overall and doesn't expect there to be any impact on the price of Christmas trees this year.



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