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Madison police ready for active shooter scenario

MADISON (WKOW) -- With two mass shootings in the United States in the last two weeks, some law enforcement agencies are reminding their officers to be prepared.

Here in Madison, the approach on how to handle an "active shooter" situation has changed over the years.

The frequency of these types of attacks, combined with the high level of firepower available to the perpetrators, have forced police to engage them more quickly.

"Rather than going with the older approach of waiting and waiting for even multiple officers to form up our contact teams, we are actually going in sooner and again trying to neutralize that threat and keep people safe inside," said Officer Tieu.

Its not just about being ready to react to a situation like that on that day, its also about preparation. 

Training officers want their personnel to familiarize themselves with each large venue or gathering place in their respective districts, so they know where the entrances and exits are.

"In the patrol setting, I think all the officers working are cognoscente of situations like this and certainly try to pre-plan in their daily routine what they might have to do, should this happen in the City of Madison," said Officer Tieu.

But MPD is now making an even greater effort to educate the public as well, through the work of community and school resource officers.

"Run, hide and fight; kind of that's your order of priority in terms of, if you should happen to find yourself in one of these situations, what types of steps you should take to keep yourself safe," said Officer Tieu.

While the department does not take a stand on citizen's second amendment rights, its clear they want people to challenge an active shooter, only as a last resort.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Coming on the heels of the massacre at a Colorado movie theater, the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek serves as an even closer reminder of what Madison police could be forced to deal with someday.

In an effort to prepare for such situations, Madison police officers engage in what is known as "active shooter" training.

It is designed to give police officers the skills to limit the amount of damage done by alleged gunmen who want to go on a mass killing spree, such as James Holmes and Wade Michael Page.

Reporter Greg Neumann is talking to Madison Police officers today about their active shooter training and will have a live report on 27 News at 5 and 6.




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