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Meet MDA Goodwill Ambassador Jacob Slack


MONROE (WKOW) -- Every year the Muscular Dystrophy Association chooses one child to be their Goodwill Ambassador.

This year, MDA chose 9-year-old Jacob Slack of Janesville. In this role, Jacob will spread the word about neuromuscular diseases and to make a difference.

Jacob is a pro on the baseball field, a lover of the outdoors and a friend to everyone.

He says, "I'm helping people. It's good."

Jacob knows the struggles of neuromuscular disease very well.

His mom, Andrea, explains his condition. "Jacob has mitochondrial myopathy complex 1, which deals with energy cells in his body and one doesn't work."

Andrea says the disease has made his muscles weak.

Jacob has a heart condition, developmental delays and many other health issues that come along with it. There's no cure for what Jacob has, but he hasn't let it hold him back.

"He has a lot of energy and is really outgoing. That's something we look for and look to," says Healthcare Services Coordinator Ellen Kleinmaus.

Mom notices the difference it's made in Jacob to be Goodwill Ambassador.

"He's making new friends, he's meeting different people," says Andrea. "He enjoys people all the time."

Jacob also enjoys school, where he says he's a whiz at math. But, one of his most important missions now is spreading the word about his disease and others like it.

As Goodwill Ambassador, he's at all of the MDA events to help raise awareness.

When asked him if this is something he wants to continue to do, Jacob says, "I hope. I hope next year I am too."


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