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Temple president fought back against gunman

Courtesy: WISN Courtesy: WISN

OAK CREEK (WKOW) -- The president of the temple at the center of a deadly shooting Sunday fought back against the gunman.

Satwant Singh Kaleka and two police officers are being hailed for saving lives during the shootings at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek. Six worshippers were killed, but officials says Kaleka tried to stab the accused gunman, Wade Michael Page. That allowed women and children a chance to escape.

Kaleka suffered two gunshot wounds to the leg and died.

Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy was ambushed, shot eight or nine times and left for dead. But he waived off help from other officers and told them to help the wounded worshippers instead. He is still in critical condition, but WISN reports the police chief says Lt. Murphy was smiling and trying to talk Monday.

Officer Sam Lenda is also being called a hero after coming under fire in the temple parking lot. He shot back, killing the gunman.


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