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Sons remember mother killed in Sikh temple shooting


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- The children of one of Sunday's shooting spree victims are left heartbroken. Their mother was among the six killed at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek.

It didn't take long for Kamal Saini to learn what happened to his mother, Paramjit Kaur. "My aunt told her that there was a shooting going on outside, we need to get up and leave. Rather than just getting up and leaving she wanted to just bow down and pray for the last time and then get up and leave. She was just getting up. She was shot in the back. And she just collapsed there. She didn't have a chance. They said she was dead on the spot."

Paramjit was just 41 years old and mother to Kamal and his brother Harpreet. Kamal says, "I called her a few times and she didn't answer her phone. I went to the scene and they had every road blocked off and they wouldn't let us through." Kamal says he tried to find his mom. "I told the police officer that my mom's in there, you have to let me through."

Kamal, 20, had left his younger brother at home, trying to protect Harpreet. As survivors started to come out of the temple, Kamal searched for his mother. "I went downstairs in the basement where the rescuers were and looked for my mom and she wasn't one of them. I had an idea that she didn't make it, but just didn't want to believe it."

Paramjit went to the gurdwara, or Sikh temple, every Thursday and Sunday, often getting there early to help make food. Her sons describe her as a good woman, a great mom. "She lived for us. She worked for us. Anything she did, it was for us. Always had a smile. She always had a smile."

Paramjit saved every penny for the last eight years to take her family to India last month. They were celebrating Harpreet's 18th birthday. It was there first time back to India since emigrating America. "It's probably the greatest experience we've had together; going to the golden temple. She always wanted to go there. She just wanted us to be educated. She told us education is everything here."

Both sons want to go into law enforcement. Kamal says, "It's the land of opportunity they told me when I first came here. It took my world away. All it takes is one ignorant person, one ignorant person to take somebody's world away."

Now the brothers want answers. Harpreet says, "Why would you do it? Why did you do that?  
For what? For what reason? I just want to know where she was laying, I want to go back and look. Why? It was the last time she was there."

The only comfort the boys have is that their mother's last moments were in the place she loved.

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