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Children heroically ran into temple to warn people


OAK CREEK (WKOW) --- There's another story of heroism during the temple shooting in Oak Creek, and this one involves two children who saved lives.

The brother and sister, Abhay and Amanat Singh, were among the youngest at the Sikh temple Sunday, and some of the bravest.

The two were playing outside when they heard gunshots. Amanat, just nine years old, says, "We heard a shot which we thought was a fireworks but then it wasn't fireworks, it was bullets and we saw a guy he got out of a cab and he fast walked and hit two people who were getting into their car."

They children didn't hesitate. They ran into the temple to sound the alarm. Eleven-year-old Abhay says, "Actually as soon as we got in the kitchen I started yelling, I'm like, 'There's a guy with a gun! Hide! Hide!'"

Amanat says they were scared "that he's going to kill everyone."

Amanat and Abhay were able to warn more than a dozen people to run and hide. Harban Singh Farwaha was one of them. He says they saved his life. "They saved my life, my wife, my daughter in law, and many people."

Amanat and Abhay are also grateful they were able to do that. They say they wish they could have done more. Amanat says, "I feel proud because I saved lots of lives."

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