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UPDATE: Baldwin says she's ready to take on Thompson


MADISON (WKOW) -- Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison) finally knows who she'll be facing in November's U.S. Senate election, and she's already mapping out her campaign strategy.

So was former Governor Tommy Thompson, less than 24 hours after his Republican primary victory.

Making a campaign stop at a Milwaukee solar parts manufacturer Wednesday, Baldwin said she wants to see more manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin.

"We've seen way too many of our plants close, and its an issue we have to have a strong leader on.  And that really differentiates myself from Tommy Thompson, who's been almost silent on this issue," said Baldwin.

Touring a manufacturing plant in Waukesha on Wednesday afternoon, Thompson says he's hardly been silent.

He wants to eliminate a federal tax on money earned by American companies overseas, once its brought back into the United States.

"You get rid of that 35 percent tax penalty, there's probably a trillion dollars of money offshore that would come back to the United States to increase employment, to rehabilitate or build new plants, and buy equipment.  It would be the largest stimulus we've ever seen in this country," said Thompson.

But Baldwin says Thompson's idea of giving tax breaks to corporations and wealthy individuals will only hurt the middle-class.

"There are enormous challenges facing our nation and what the voters of Wisconsin want right now is someone who's gonna go be their U.S. Senator and fight for them, not for big pharmaceutical companies, not for Wall Street and the big banks," said Baldwin.

But Thompson says what Americans want is to get back to work, and have more money in their own pockets, not bigger government.

That's why he wants to cut certain regulations.

"Dodd-Frank is one, the EPA is causing so many restrictions in job growth and energy," said Thompson.

The two different approaches on job creation also translate to cutting the national debt.

Thompson is on board with Congressman and Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan's budget plan, while Baldwin says you can't give tax breaks to millionaires and still expect to reduce the deficit.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin says there's a lot to do between now and November, but she's confident she can beat Republican opponent Tommy Thompson in the fall.

Baldwin told reporters at a Milwaukee solar parts manufacturer on Wednesday morning that she has a history of fighting to preserve manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin, while Thompson has spent the last few years working for special interests.

On Tuesday night, Thompson told campaign supporters that he was running to help take America back from big-government liberals, like Congresswoman Baldwin and President Barack Obama.

The former governor narrowly won a four-way Republican primary, edging out Madison businessman Eric Hovde by a 34-31 percent margin.

Baldwin is in her seventh term as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District.

Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann will have a preview of the U.S. Senate general election race on 27 News at 5 and 6.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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