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Two Salmonella cases in Wis. part of outbreak linked to cantaloupe

MADISON (WKOW) -- The recent Salmonella outbreak connected to cantaloupe made its way to Wisconsin.

The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) says at least two people in Wisconsin got sick from eating the contaminated melon.

The cantaloupe came from southwestern Indiana. Health officials in Indiana and Kentucky are investigating the source of the Salmonella.

At least two people have died and 141 others have gotten sick nationwide during the outbreak.

DATCP says you can continue to buy and eat cantaloupes not originating from southwestern Indiana, but you should still take precautions and follow sanitation guidelines for safely handling melons as follows:

  • Thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize washing and cutting areas including cutting boards, knives, sinks and other equipment with a bleach/water mixture made from ½ teaspoon of non-scented bleach to a gallon of water.
  • Wash the melon in cold water and rinse. A vegetable brush is recommended for cleaning the rough outer surface of cantaloupes. Do not use other cleaners or detergents.
  • Immerse the melon in a sanitizing solution of bleach/water as noted above for at least 2 minutes. This treatment is meant for the skin of the melon only, not for the flesh.
  • Wash hands and remove the melon. Discard sanitizing solution.
  • Once the melon is cut, wrap the pieces in a sanitary and acceptable packaging material.
  • Immediately refrigerate and hold melons at 41 degrees F or lower as bacteria can grow rapidly on cut melons.

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