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Ryan defends Romney campaign's negative ads


Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan spent much of his weekend campaigning on the east coast.

On Saturday, Ryan spoke about his plans for Medicare yesterday, with his mother with him, before a group of senior citizens in Florida.

The Romney and Obama campaigns have been hitting each other hard on Medicare, as well as attacking on other issues.

In an interview with WJLA in Washington, D.C., Ryan was asked about the Romney campaign running attack ads after promising a positive campaign.

"We need to distinguish ourselves between where we would take the country and where President Obama is proposing to take the country, which we think is more joblessness, more debt, more cuts to Medicare," said Ryan, a Congressman from Janesville. "And we don't think it's a good path. So we need to distinguish ourselves so we can give the American people a very clear contrast and choice that they can choose from in this election."

The negative ads may be hurting both candidates.
An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from late July shows the negative ads may be hurting both candidates. Both Romney and President Obama's "very negative" ratings in that poll were at all-time highs.

Speaking of political ads, the Republican National Committee(RNC) has made a large ad buy in Wisconsin.

You may have noticed the RNC started airing two new ads in the state just days after Paul Ryan joined the GOP ticket. According to a Gannett Wisconsin report, a look at Federal Election Commission files shows those ads were part of a $3.7 million RNC ad buy in the state.

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