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UPDATE: Akin has until end of day Tuesday to pull out of Senate race


ST. LOUIS (WKOW) -- Missouri Congressman Todd Akin has until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday to end his U.S. Senate bid.

Several lawmakers are calling for Akin to withdrawal from the race, after he made a statement saying a woman's body can stop a pregnancy from happening in cases of "legitimate rape."

Akin's comment made its way into the race for the White House. On Monday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called the comments insulting, inexcusable and frankly wrong.

President Obama also addressed Akin's comment during Monday's White House press briefing. Obama said, "Rape is rape. And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn't make sense to the American people. And certainly does not make sense to me."

Romney's running mate and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has co-sponsored two separate bills on abortion with Akin. Romney and Ryan have both condemned Akin's comments.

Akin apologized for his comments. He wants to keep his U.S. Senate campaign moving forward.

Akin is running against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.


ST. LOUIS (WKOW) -- Following the controversial remarks on rape, made by Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, several Wisconsin politicians are condemning his statement. Akin said in an interview that women's bodies are able to prevent pregnancies in cases of what he called "a legitimate rape."

Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says, Akin should drop out of the race after making such comments. Johnson issued a statement Monday saying Akin "should do the right thing for the nation and step aside today, so Missouri Republicans can put forth a candidate that can win in November."

Republican Tommy Thompson also spoke out about Akin's comments. Thompson is running for the U-S Senate seat in Wisconsin. He says he strongly disapproves of Akin's comments but adds whether he drops out of the race is up to him and voters in Missouri. The other person running for the open U-S Senate seat in Wisconsin is Democrat Tammy Baldwin. She too spoke out against Akin's comments, saying they are "ignorant, offensive and downright disgusting."

Akin has apologized for his comments since making them. Nevertheless, many are calling on him to step aside. If Akin decides to drop his bid for the Missouri Senate seat, he must do so by today at 5 p.m.

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