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Latest PPP Poll shows Romney with slight lead over President Obama


MADISON (WKOW) -- A new poll shows Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney slightly ahead of President Barack Obama in Wisconsin.

This is Public Policy Polling's first Wisconsin poll since Romney announced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.

It shows Romney ahead, 48-47 over the President. However, that's a seven point shift from the last PPP poll out in early July, which found Mr. Obama ahead 50-44.

The group also says the polls show Romney is leading the President 52-43 among seniors in Wisconsin.

The poll seems to show some growth for Romney since announcing Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick. The biggest change the selection seems to have brought about is the unification of the GOP party. Romney's gone from a 78 point lead with Republicans in the last poll, to now an 88 point lead with them.

Independent voters also seem to be tightening. Obama still has a four point lead with them at 47-43, but that's down from a 14 point advantage at 53-39 six weeks ago.

Democrats are unchanged from the previous poll.

Although the choice of Ryan has shown some growth, it's pretty even for Ryan's likeability. Forty-nine percent of voters have a favorable opinion of him, while 45 percent have a negative one. Meanwhile, that's still better than the other candidates. Obama has a 46 percent approval rating with 50 percent of voters disapproving of him, Romney has a 45/48 favorability rating, and Joe Biden stands at 41/48.

Romney's slight lead over the president in Wisconsin could be a bounce that will just fade away as the election gets closer, but either was Wisconsin still looks like a swing state.

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