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UPDATE: Paul Ryan says no further plans to urge Akin from Senate race

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WKOW) -- Republican vice presidential contender Paul Ryan acknowledges he urged Missouri Congressman Todd Akin to abandon his Senate bid but has no further plans to speak to him about it now that Akin is staying in the race.

Ryan told reporters on Wednesday that he's proud of his anti-abortion record in the House and has no regrets about sponsoring legislation, with Akin, to permanently prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion except in cases of incest or, quote, "forcible" rape.

Top Republicans including presidential candidate Mitt Romney have distanced themselves from Akin after the Missouri congressman suggested that women who had been subjected to "legitimate rape" would be able to physically resist becoming pregnant. Ryan would not oppose abortion in cases where a mother's life is in danger.


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (WKOW) -- Embattled Congressman Todd Akin speaks out on ABC's Good Morning America and confirms vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan called him personally to plea that he step aside.

Representative Akin has been under fire since he made controversial comments Sunday about rape and pregnancy.

"It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare," Akin told KTVI-TV. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child."

Akin is running for U.S. Senate and has refused to pull out of the race in Missouri. On Good Morning America Wednesday, he told George Stephanopoulos "this was not about my ego" but the voters if Missouri who chose him as their nominee.

Akin also confirmed that Wisconsin Congressman and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan called him to personally plea that he pull out of the Senate race. But Akin says, "It's not right for party bosses to override" the voters of Missouri. He says he told Ryan that he was thinking things over and wants to "do what's right." But he also says he's not abandoning his race, arguing that "I'm planning to win it."

Akin acknowledges it was a mistake for him to refer to "legitimate" rapes, but says he's apologized for that and that the voters of Missouri knew they weren't getting a "perfect" candidate.

Akin also said he is not apologizing for the fact that he's pro-life.


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