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Gov. Walker helps build house before big speech


TAMPA, FL (WKOW) -- Before Governor Scott Walker took the stage at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, he traded his suit for a tool belt. 

He spent part of the day helping to build a house for a disabled veteran.

Craftsman Tools and the non-profit group House United brings Democrats and Republicans together to build the homes.

Part of the house is being built by Republicans in Tampa, the other part by Democrats in Charlotte, NC next week.

"This is a nice concept, you know. Supporting our veterans isn't Republican or Democrat, it's not right, left, red or blue.  It's really red, white and blue.  That's why it's nice to do this in conjunction with the democrats getting together in Charlotte," said Governor Walker.

The governor also commented on how his opportunity to speak at the convention was about helping to get Mitt Romney elected president.  

"A lot of people really don't know who Mitt Romney is. A lot of people in politics do, but most, particularly in states like Wisconsin, Florida, others, swing states... I think a lot of the voters that are on the bubble, they know the president, they've seen him for the last four years, but they don't yet know Mitt Romney."

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