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Tommy Thompson's role in RNC


TAMPA, FL (WKOW) -- Former governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson says he is excited to see the new faces of Wisconsin politics on the national stage this week.

But he still sees a key role for himself at this week's convention.

The republican nominee for U.S. Senate watched Governor Scott Walker speak from the convention floor.

Thompson says he has no problem giving up the spotlight this week to the next generation of GOP leaders.

He says this year's convention is not like those in years past.

"It's hugely different, than, when you were here before, either as a governor or as a plain delegate, you can judge your time and really be able to set your schedule, especially when you were governor.  You know, the governor leads the delegation, he or she is able to, you know, to decide what kind of programs are gonna go.  There's always more things to do, than you can have time to do.  But, being a candidate, you know, you've got to network.  You're here for a short period of time, you've got to come in, you've got to keep the campaign going back in Wisconsin, you've got to see what you can to raise dollars."

Thompson also spoke about Wisconsin's role in this year's election.

"Wisconsin has become the epi-center of politics and if you stop and realize, if we carry Wisconsin for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, we are more than likely gonna elect them as president and vice-president.  And if I win the U.S. Senate seat, more than likely we take over control of the United States Senate.  No other state has that capabilities."

Thompson said he's spoken at many national conventions, and he's honored to be serving as a delegate this year.

He is currently ahead of democratic opponent Tammy Baldwin by at least six points in all of the recent polls in the race for U.S. Senate.

But she will get a chance to speak at her party's convention in Charlotte,NC next week.

27 News will be covering that as well.

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