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Wisconsinites the "rock stars" of the RNC


TAMPA (WKOW) -- Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) addressed the nation from the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, less than a month after bursting onto the national political scene.

His quick rise is a sign of Wisconsin's new power within the GOP.

And the Wisconsin delegates who were in attendance for Governor Scott Walker's speech say there is no question he got the loudest ovation of any RNC speaker on Tuesday night.

Many Wisconsin Republicans have been waiting for this moment their whole lives.

"Living in Waukesha County its even more exciting, because Paul Ryan is my Congressman," said Cathy Waller, a GOP delegate who also serves as the Executive Director of the Waukesha County Republican Party.  "We worked extremely hard the last year for Governor Walker as well.  Its just been so exciting to see this."

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) says everywhere he goes in Tampa this week, his opinion is far more valued than it might have been two years ago.

"I just start out with, 'Hey, I'm Ron Johnson, I'm the new Senator from State of Wisconsin,' and that's always my biggest applause line, it all goes downhill after that," jokes Sen. Johnson.  "No, people here, conservatives, Republicans, understand that in Wisconsin we have an ingredient that's missing on a national level.  It's called leadership."

"People vote in Wisconsin, they care in Wisconsin, they think, but its moved, no question about it," remarked Terry Moran, the host of ABC News "Nightline."

Moran went to college at Lawrence University in Appleton, and says Wisconsin's rise within the GOP ranks is very obvious.

"I think the whole recall battle ended up advantaging the GOP, advantaging Republicans and with Paul Ryan on the ticket and speaking tonight, its up for grabs in a way that I think has startled Democrats," said Moran.

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