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Janna Ryan also taking center stage


TAMPA (WKOW) -- It's likely no one was paying closer attention to Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's address to the Republican National Convention than his wife Janna.

But, Janna gave a speech of her own Wednesday, and is starting to raise her profile as well.

Being the center of attention in front of over 800 people, is not a scenario Mrs. Ryan is familiar with, but it was her reality at a Women For Romney breakfast event.

"Our families, our children, our future. That's what this race is all about," Janna Ryan said, in a brief statement.

Janna Ryan spoke for less than a minute at the event, but the female delegates in attendance say she's going to grow in that role and is already great in others.

"Well, she's breaking into it, Janna's new to this scene, so, I think she's breaking in slowly to it, but she'll warm up to it, she's just a lovely lady," said Wisconsin GOP delegate Cathy Waller.

"Janna is a very smart woman," said Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), also a delegate. "She's a tax attorney by profession, but she is not working right now.  She is very compassionate and outgoing, very much of a people person.  I've heard from people in her community that she'll give you the shirt off her back."

Those same women say Janna has a great example to look to in Ann Romney.

"She's fabulous, she speaks from the heart," said Waller.  "She really talks to all of us mothers, grandmothers, sisters, just to everybody and we just feel really good about her."

"She did not use a note today, she spoke from her heart, and I think if people could see the authenticity they have in their concern for this country and the hope that they have and the optimism, that we can turn it around if we face the truth," said Sen. Darling.

It sounds like Janna Ryan certainly has a lot of respect for Ann Romney already, saying that her story is an inspiration for millions of women across this country and that her friendship is a blessing.

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