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One-on-One with Ron Johnson at RNC


TAMPA, Florida (WKOW) -- U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is part of the Wisconsin delegation at the Republican National Convention. 27 News' Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann spoke one-on-one with the senator Wednesday before Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan accepted the vice presidential nomination.

Greg: Senator Johnson, talk a little bit about Paul Ryan and the stage he has [Wednesday night], what's the message you hope he communicates?

Sen. Johnson: Well, I think as all Republicans we really want to communicate that we're concerned about every American.  That, we understand this is a land of unlimited opportunity and by pursuing the right path and recognize we're a free people... and the free enterprise system is the best asset we have for actually growing our economy and creating jobs.... I mean, that is how individuals have the opportunity to build a good life for themselves and their family... that's how they gain the dignity of having to earn their own success instead of getting a government handout.

Greg:  I notice that you're walking around, a lot of people are approaching you, do you feel like that Wisconsin has really arrived at this convention?

Sen. Johnson:  Well, you've been down here, you know heard the thunderous applause when Wisconsin was announced on the roll call vote, and Scott Walker [Tuesday night]... I mean we really had just, very loud applause, I don't want to compare but, it was very supportive.  Listen, as I'm talking to groups around here... I just start out with, 'hey, I'm Ron Johnson, I'm the new Senator from State of Wisconsin', and that's always my biggest applause line... it all goes downhill after here...conservatives, Republicans, understand that in Wisconsin, we have an ingredient that's missing on a national level.  It's called leadership.

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