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Candidates and Issues U.S. Senate Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson - R

Remarks: Ladies and Gentlemen, this isn't just another election or another campaign. This is America at a crossroads. And what happens this November will chart our course for the next generation.

335,000 have dropped out of the workforce having lost hope. Even worse, 23 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. 

When I was governor, we were able to grow our economy by 750,000 jobs, and I'm ready to go to Washington and do it again.

We have $16 trillion of debt -- $136,000 for every household in America. We need to spend no more than we take in, that's how it's done in Wisconsin.

I've cut taxes 91 times, while Democrats in Congress want to continue to raise them.

On November 6th join me in keeping our promise to our children and grandchildren: to leave our country in better shape and with more opportunity then we inherited it.
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