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Candidates and Issues WS Assembly District 42 Keith Ripp

Keith Ripp - R

Remarks: Hello, I'm State Representative Keith Ripp. I'm running for re-election in the 42nd Assembly District.

I'm a third generation farmer. So, I know the value of hard work and trying to make ends meet.

I've used my experience as a small business owner to make common-sense decisions at the State Capitol. We passed incentives to help businesses grow. We balanced the state budget without raising taxes. And we turned Wisconsin's economy around.

I would like to continue to represent this district. The people here put their trust in me to be their voice at the state Capitol. But, there's still more work to be done.

We need to help the private sector create more jobs by getting government out of the way. With your support, we can bring back the Wisconsin that we know and love -- a great place to work, live and retire.

On November 6th, remember to vote for me, Keith Ripp for the State Assembly. Thank you.

Bio: My name is Keith Ripp and I am running to be the State Representative for the 42nd Assembly District. As a third-generation farmer, my wife and I chose to raise our three children in the same quality of life we grew up in, strong in community involvement and deeply committed to our agricultural roots in the Lodi area. 

My goal is not to be a career politician, but a representative of the people who put their trust in me to vote for their values and concerns in the state Capitol.  I understand the struggles our neighbors face every day. Out-of-control government spending, high taxes, rising insurance and health care costs, increasing gas prices, growing grocery bills, high taxes, and concern for our kids' future weigh heavily on all of our minds.

Over the past four years I have shared my knowledge as a business owner and a community leader, while applying common-sense principles to better serve the people of the 47th Assembly District, which has now been redistricted to the 42nd Assembly District.

I currently chair the Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy committee, the Transportation committee, and the Wisconsin State Fair Board.  I also serve on the committees of Agriculture, Rural Economic Development and Rural Affairs.  I previously served on the Criminal Justice committee.  Serving on these committees has been a great experience and has provided me valuable resources as I work to solve the issues facing my district.

But my job isn't done yet. I've attended many village, town, and county meetings, as well as, community, school, and social events to make myself more available to listen to the issues of you and your family. Through my email newsletter, press releases, listening sessions, phone calls and open door policy at the Capitol, I have tried to keep you well-informed on the upcoming legislation changes affecting your lives. To those of you who have contacted me by email, phone or in person, thank you for helping me to better serve you. I look forward to continuing to keep these lines of communication open for our district. We need to keep working together to make Wisconsin a better place to live, work and retire.

It would be an honor to serve as your Representative of the 42nd District in the State Assembly.

Warmest Regards,

Keith Ripp

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