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Candidates and Issues WS Assembly District 78 Jonathan Dedering

Jonathan Dedering - Green

Remarks: Hi, I'm Jonathan Dedering, the Green Party candidate running to represent Madison's West Side 78th Assembly District. 

Please visit my website, there you'll find my comprehensive plan to immediately refund public education and create new manufacturing jobs across the state in communities of all sizes. 

I am running on a platform which empowers workers, home owners, farmers, students, and voters.   believe that health care is a right of all people, and an investment which will benefit us all. 

I believe that our corporate tax rate should be raised by at least 1.4% and that LLCs and other corporations should no longer be immune from taxation. Together, the great people of Wisconsin can end this economic turmoil by focusing on the development of new manufacturing markets, increasing state revenue through fair taxation, and by offering educational resources to our young. 

It's time to put a real progressive fighter in the ring. On November 6th, vote Dedering for Assembly.


Bio: Mr. Dedering was born on July 14th, 1986 in Elroy, WI.  He is the son of two educators.  He credits his parents for nurturing his education and hard work ethic.  As a child, Jonathan was active in his local 4-H Club and the Boy Scouts.  At age twelve, he began teaching himself web design and programming.  Over the past decade, Mr. Dedering has gained extensive experience organizing young people and has volunteered thousands of hours towards creating a better world.

During High School, Jonathan organized Reedsburg Area High School For Free Thought, an autonomous collective of activists seeking to demonstrate against the US PATRIOT Act, the war in Iraq, and in defense of LGBT rights.

At age 15, Jonathan began writing a blog called Save Wisconsin. His blog discussed state and national issues facing his generation. On behalf of Action Wisconsin, Jonathan lobbied his State Assembly Representative to vote against the constitutional amendment that invalidated same-sex marriages and civil unions in Wisconsin. He organized demonstrations in downtown Reedsburg and other cities throughout Sauk Co. for a variety of causes.

In 2003, Jonathan began organizing with Juneau and Sauk Co. peace coalitions as well as organizers with No Way Perrier, and Madison Area Peace Coalition. Then in 2004, he traveled to New York City and participated in demonstrations outside of the Republican National Convention. During 2005, Jonathan took a canvassing job for Grassroots Campaigns Inc. on behalf of Environmental Action.

While studying at Madison College, Mr. Dedering began organizing throughout the Midwest with members of Students for a Democratic Society and the Campus Antiwar Network. He uncovered a study by the Marshfield Clinic that shows evidence of sewage contaminants in Madison's water supply. For a time, he continued to canvass for Grassroots Campaign Inc., this time on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Before leaving Grassroots Campaigns, Jonathan helped form a group of employees that successfully leveraged the private fund raising organization into establishing a base wage that eliminated the potential for canvassers to make less than minimum wage.

During the spring of 2007 Jonathan helped organize a successful overnight occupation of US Senator Herb Kohl's office. Later that year, he helped organize a temporary occupation of Governor Jim Doyle's office during a demonstration targeting US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Over the next few years Jonathan helped organize many local demonstrations, including demonstrations of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, US Senator Herb Kohl, Candidate for US Congress Dave Magnum, and Dinesh D'Souza, amongst many others.

Gov. Walker was elected shortly after Mr. Dedering's graduation from college. He soon found himself within the occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol, where he became an active member of the rotunda community. Later that year, he founded the blog Youth Revolutionary Council to help offer insights into the Wisconsin uprising.

In 2011, Mr. Dedering became a member of the Autonomous Solidarity Organization, an organization born from the rotunda community. Jonathan helped construct the Occupy Madison community which has since offered Madison's homeless population safe homes and food at almost no cost to tax payers.

In December 2011, Mr. Dedering traveled to Washington DC to participate in a demonstration against K Street lobbying firms. While in Washington DC he met with US Sen. Ron Johnson to discuss Wisconsin's jobs.

During the spring of 2012 Jonathan created an online healthcare petition that has already been signed by over 20,000 people. Mr. Dedering helped to organize the 2012 People's Bratfest.  Jonathan also toured the state alongside Arthur Kohl-Riggs during his bid for Governor in the May primary election.


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