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Iowa Co. Humane Society faces financial struggles


Dodgeville (WKOW -- Too many mouths to feed and not enough money to do it is a dilemma facing more and more animal shelters in our area. Officials at one say it's in danger of closing because of money troubles.

Iowa County Humane Society (ICHS) started as a foster program in 1998. Since then, it's grown into a shelter with room for more than 100 animals. But too many surrenders & strays along with too few donations is hurting their ability to care for the animals.

"The harsh reality is that if we can't get the real support that we need its a real possibility that we may not be here next year," says Cheri Phillmore, outreach director at ICHS.

The shelter is past capacity-- with at least 50 extra animals and a $20,000 debt, ICHS expects to have to raise $100,000 by the end of the year.

An annual budget of $300-thousand is partially covered by Iowa County pet licensing fees at $25,000, and contracts with municipalities. Combined that's less than 20 percent of the total budget. The rest of the $250,000 comes from donations and fundraising.

County Administrator Curt Kephart says the shelter is a critical resource in the community.

"It would be first of all very bad for everybody to have this close, and secondly produce somewhat of a crisis for the county that we'd have to address right away," says Kephart.

Kephart says the county may be able to help with funding in the short term, but with a tight budget county-wide, their help wouldn't be permanent.

ICHS has reached out for help in the past few months. They've seen more support, but not enough.

It's not just Iowa County. Other humane societies in the area have seen an increase in surrenders and fewer donations.

Visit Iowa County Humane Society's website or Facebook page for more info on how you can help out.


DODGEVILLE (WKOW) -- As animal surrenders increase and donations decrease, officials at the Iowa County Humane Society (ICHS) are facing what they're calling critical financial issues that could close the facility.

ICHS officials say they need more than $100,000 to cover outstanding expenses and normal operating costs to stay open for the next four months. If the organization can't raise the money, leaders expect to have to close its doors.

Tonight on 27 News at 10, Jennifer Kliese talks to ICHS officials and the county administrator about the struggling non-profit organization's role in the community.

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