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Baldwin looks to push "heartland values" at DNC

CHARLOTTE (WKOW) -- Madison Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin will be one of the featured speakers at the Democratic National Convention this week.

She will speak on the same night as President Barack Obama, in an attempt to raise her profile and help her win votes in her campaign against Republican Tommy Thompson.

"First of all, its an extraordinary honor to be asked to speak, especially at the moment that I will be asked to speak," said Rep. Baldwin.  "But I think its much more about talking about Wisconsin and our heartland values that really draws us together as a Democratic party and in this particular election cycle."

Tammy Baldwin believes emphasizing those so-called "heartland values" is a way to reach, not only Wisconsin voters, but blue-collar voters across the nation.

"Its pretty simple.  Heartland values are that if you work hard, you play by the rules, you can get ahead.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party, (Paul) Ryan's budget plan, Tommy Thompson's plans, are heavily weighted to the most powerful and affluent in this country," said Baldwin.

The seven-term U.S. House member clearly needs to start reaching those voters.

Polls show her trailing Republican Tommy Thompson by an average of eight points in the race for Herb Kohl's U.S. Senate seat.

"One after one, they propose policies that make it harder for people who work hard and play by the rules to get ahead," said Baldwin about the Republicans. "I spent my entire career in public service fighting for a level playing field, fighting for good manufacturing jobs, by leveling the field in terms of trade, but also a level playing field so that the American dream can be realized."

Baldwin says she's not only fought for that dream, but has successes to show for it.

"Wisconsin's a state that makes things. We're one of the lead manufacturing states in the country, but we've taken a hit and its partly because other competitors have been cheating," said Baldwin. "So, I introduced bi-partisan legislation that got rolled into a larger trade bill, but, its been signed into law and our paper industry is now seeing some relief from China's cheating."

Tammy Baldwin is also expected to speak about the rights of women on Thursday night, hoping to provide a stark contrast to what Democrats see as the Republican's militant pro-life platform.

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