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Former Gov. Doyle remembers a more moderate Mitt Romney

CHARLOTTE (WKOW) -- Democrats are using their national convention to make a point of telling average Americans that they care more about them than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney does.

But ,a former Wisconsin governor says Romney certainly used to care, he just suddenly refuses to show it.

In a very candid interview with 27 News, former Gov. Jim Doyle (D-Wisconsin), says he has fond memories of working with Romney when he was the governor of Massachusetts.

"Ironically, we worked together on health care and Massachusetts and Wisconsin developed into the two highest states that had the highest percentage of people covered with health care," said Doyle. "Now he's running away from that." 

For more than a year, pundits on both sides have compared President Obama's Affordable Care Act to the health insurance exchange program Romney signed into law in Massachusetts.

Doyle says it's not only a fair comparison, but one that Romney should be embracing.

"I heard somebody once say recently, his years as governor he has hermetically sealed and wants nobody to ever look at them, but the fact is, he was a problem solver and he's really now walked away from what he always used to tout as his biggest accomplishment," said Doyle.

But Doyle says that's not nearly as surprising to him as Romney's embrace of GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's plan to privatize portions of Medicare, the federal health insurance program for seniors.

"We're gonna give you a voucher and you go out into the marketplace and try to find yourself some insurance? I mean that should scare people," said Doyle. I mean, it's a ridiculous idea. It's something Mitt Romney never would have supported, certainly didn't support in Massachusetts in his days as governor."

It's a plan former Wisconsin governor and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson also now endorses.

Doyle remembers the Tommy Thompson that started Badger Care, to provide an important insurance option for low-income adults.

"Certainly in his days as governor, Tommy Thompson understood that, but now he's gone off with all the rest into this kind of, whatever the farthest wing of the right wing of the party says, everybody falls into lock step," said Doyle.

Doyle believes it's that kind of "wishy-washiness" from Romney and Thompson that should bode well for both President Obama and Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin. 



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