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Oregon teacher on leave after alleged gun threat

OREGON (WKOW) -- A teacher and coach in the Oregon School District is placed on leave after a colleague claimed the teacher threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot him.

The teacher making the accusation was granted a restraining order in Rock County Court against his fellow teacher last month. In court records, the complaining teacher states his co-teacher "...said he would come and shoot me if I got him fired."

According to Oregon police reports, the complaining teacher quoted his co-teacher making a more specific threat: "If I lose my job over this, I am going to come to school and shoot you with a pistol."

Police reports show the accused teacher denies owning a gun or making the threat.

Oregon Schools Superintendent Brian Busler tells 27 News the accused teacher is assigned to Oasis, the district's alternative high school of about 40 students. Busler says the teacher is also an assistant football coach for Oregon High's varsity team. Busler says the teacher was hired in 2011.

Busler says while the teacher is on paid, administrative leave, district officials continue to investigate the accusations.

Court documents and police reports say the accusing teacher claims the two teachers had differences, and his colleague made the threat in February. Reports show the accusing teacher -- who also acts as a supervisor to the other teacher -- did not report the alleged threat until last month, after hoping they would simply not encounter each other in the work place.

The accusing teacher declined comment to 27 News on the alleged threat. The accused teacher has yet to respond to requests for comment from 27 News.

Reports show police officials recommended a charge of disorderly conduct against the accused teacher. Dane County deputy district attorney Chris Freeman told 27 News he declined to act on the recommendation.  Freeman cited the lag between the alleged threat and the teacher's reporting of it, as creating a credibility issue for a prosecution.

27 News is not identifying the accused teacher because he has not been arrested, cited, criminally charged, or terminated from his job.  


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