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LGBT delegates are big supporters of Tammy Baldwin


CHARLOTTE (WKOW) -- If Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison) wins the Senate race against Republican Tommy Thompson, she would become the first openly gay or lesbian U.S. Senator in history.

Its hard to find a gay or lesbian person at the Democratic National Convention who isn't rooting for that to happen.

With a party platform that embraces gay marriage and equal rights, the Democratic LGBT Caucus members say the 2012 convention is different.

"You hear straight and gay people talking about equality, this is how far we've come," said Doug Wilson, a former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. 

As a result, the fact that Tammy Baldwin spoke to the DNC on the same night as President Barack Obama, takes on added meaning.

"I will be talking about the steady march to full equality.  I think it is a hallmark of what this President has achieved, and goes to the fundamental values that we share that everyone deserves a fair shot at getting ahead," said Rep. Baldwin.

Lesbian Colorado delegate Elizabeth Harris says she's been following Baldwin's career in Congress for years, and gives her credit for taking the chance to run for Senate.

"Of course, its inspirational to all of the people who've felt left out, that someone could become... a woman could become a United States Senator if she's an out lesbian.  It says a lot about America," said Harris.

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