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Victim in Argyle house fire loses unborn baby

ARGYLE (WKOW) -- Another life lost after a deadly fire Friday in Lafayette County that the victims' father is now accused of starting.

While an Argyle woman fights for her life, her family tells us she's lost her unborn baby.

The mother, whose three sons also died after a fire in her home, is in critical condition.

Sharon Wand's sister says Sharon has third-degree burns on 80 percent of her body, and doctors aren't sure of her chances of surviving.

"It's a miracle that she's made it this far," says Sharon's sister, Amy Peterson.

Peterson says she's spent the past three nights at UW Hospital, watching her sister cling to her life.

"We don't even know if she'll be here in the next hour. Right now we're just taking minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day."

Peterson says Sharon had just celebrated her 27th birthday two days before an early morning fire at her home in the Town of Argyle killed her three young sons, Allen, Jeffrey and Joseph.

Sharon's husband, Armin Wand III, and her two-year-old daughter survived.

But Armin and his 18-year-old brother, Jeremy Wand, are now charged with arson with intent to defraud.

We spoke with an instructor at Madison College to learn more about insurance fraud.

"With the economy the way it's been the last few years, insurance companies have seen an increase of arson," says Martha Lester-Mittenzwei.

The owner of the home on the 400 block of Oak Street in Lafayette County confirms the Wand family was renting.

Peterson says they had renter's insurance and she believes they had life insurance on all the kids.

"Some of the clues that might lead people to believe a fire was committed fraudulently would be like if a pet is not at the home, if you're picture albums were gone and had been taken out previously before the fire, as I mentioned the financial difficulties," Lester-Mittenzwei says.

Investigators won't yet say what evidence they found that led to charges.

Peterson says she is not convinced.

"I could not see him harming his wife or children in order to get money. I cannot ever, ever see that happening because Armin loved his children and his wife," Peterson says.

No word yet on when the Wand brothers will appear in court, but it will likely be early this week.

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