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UPDATE: Capitol police deliver citations to protesters' homes


MADISON (WKOW) -- Seven citations were issued following protests at the state Capitol on Monday.

However, the tickets given on Monday were served at the ticketed people's home addresses, unlike last week, when 12 citations were issued to people while at the Capitol.

According to Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis, three people were ticketed both for unlawful display of a sign and not having a permit, while one person was ticketed solely for not having a permit.

Marquis said Tuesday the citations were served at their homes to "avoid confrontation and maintain order at the Capitol."

Protesters have routinely congregated in the Capitol to sing songs, hold banners and display signs that are generally in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans.

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison man says for the first time, Capitol police delivered citations to him at home for his protest at the Capitol.

Jason Huberty says he was holding a banner during the noon-time sing-a-long at the Capitol.

He says an officer asked him to remove the banner, but did not give him a warning that he would be ticketed.

Later in the day, Huberty says Capitol police came to his home and gave him two tickets -- one for holding a sign over a railing and another for obstructing access to a passageway.

Each ticket is about $200.

Huberty says, "If the Capitol police think that by giving tickets to those of us with banners to the person conducting the sing-a-long, that will discourage people, I think it will have the opposite effect. "

Huberty says he thinks officers knew him because he's a regular protester at the Capitol and they have his address on file from previous tickets.

One of the leaders of the Solidarity Singers, Brandon Barwick, said he also received a citation Monday and wasn't given a warning.

Barwick said he just happened to be at the Capitol after the sing-a-long when Capitol Police approached him and handed him a citation for obstructing access to a passageway, etc/no permit. Barwick said officers told him they tried to deliver the citation to his home, but he wasn't there. 

27 News' message to the Department of Administration has not been returned.

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