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UPDATE: Bail set at $1.4M for father charged in fatal Argyle house fire


LAFAYETTE COUNTY (WKOW) -- A judge set bail at $1.4 million for the Argyle father charged with starting his house on fire on Friday in order to kill his wife and four children.

Bail is close to that amount for the man's brother accused of helping in a scheme to collect on the family's life insurance policies.

Armin Wand III and his 18-year-old brother, Jeremy Wand, appeared in Lafayette County Court for the first time on Wednesday.

The two are charged with three counts of homicide, two counts of attempted homicide and one count of arson, with Armin facing an additional attempted homicide count.

Only the sound of cameras interrupted about ten minutes of silence as lawyers left the room before the hearing started.

Armin admitted to investigators he intentionally tried to kill his wife, Sharon Wand, his three young sons and his two year-old-daughter, Jessica, in a house fire. That is something Armin's public defender has to contend with.

"Statements are always challenging. It's too early to speculate," says Guy Taylor, an assistant state public defender.

As for his client's mental state...

"I can't comment on that," Taylor says.

Sharon's family also spoke on Wednesday.

"The family of Sharon Wand is shocked and saddened by the recent tragic events that led to the deaths of four innocent children," said Lessa Bobak, Sharon's aunt.

Judge William Johnston set bail at $1.4 million for Armin and at $1.2 million for Jeremy.

They are also not allowed to contact Jessica and Sharon.

Sharon is still in critical condition at UW Hospital.

"Sharon is having a good day today. Doctors are doing all they can, but she still has a very long way to go and we're just taking things day by day right now," Bobak said.

Sharon's aunts said Jessica is healthy and being well taken care of although they won't say by whom.

Family previously told us it was one of Armin's brothers.

Now, they're asking to mourn in private.

"Please pray for both families involved in this terrible tragedy," Bobak said.

Jeremy and Armin Wand can face a maximum of life in prison if convicted of first degree intentional homicide.

They're scheduled to appear in court again for a preliminary hearing on November 13 at 8:30 a.m.


ARGYLE (WKOW) -- A Lafayette County judge has set bail for the two men accused of murder and arson in last week's house fire in Argyle.

Cash bond for 32-year-old Armin Wand was set at $1.4 million on Wednesday. Bond for his brother, 18-year-old Jeremy Wand, was set at $1.2 million. That's $200,000 for each of the counts they face. Both face murder, attempted murder and arson charges.

The judge also issued no contact orders for the two suspects. Under that order, they cannot contact Sharon Wand, Armin's wife, or Jessica Wand, Armin's 2-year-old daughter.

Armin and Jeremy Wand are due back in Lafayette County Court on November 13.


ARGYLE (WKOW) -- Two Argyle brothers accused of murder in the deaths of one's three young boys will be in court Wednesday.

Armin Wand, 32, and his 18-year-old brother, Jeremy Wand, each face charges of First Degree Intentional Homicide, Attempted Homicide, and Arson. The criminal complaint released Tuesday alleges Armin told investigators he and his brother set a fire at his home on purpose to kill his family and collect money on their life insurance policies.

Wand's three sons were killed in the fire. His wife, Sharon, was badly burned but was able to save their 2-year-old daughter. Sharon is still in critical condition at UW Hospital. She lost an unborn child because of injuries she got during the fire.

The complaint also alleges Armin Wand told his brother to lock two of the boys in their room during the fire and tried to put his daughter back in the house after Sharon rescued her.

Both men are scheduled to be in Lafayette County Court Wednesday afternoon for bail hearings.


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