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Domestic abuse advocates, survivors speak out after Argyle fire


MADISON (WKOW) – Our area has seen a number of domestic violence incidents in recent months and what happened in Argyle has both advocates and survivors speaking out.

Sharon Wand remains in critical condition at UW Hospital as her husband, Armin Wand III appears in court, accused of putting her there and killing three of their children and unborn child.

"Those who use violence against their partners will often use violence against children as well," said Shannon Barry, Executive Director of Domestic Abuse Intervention Service (DIAS).

On Sunday, Amy Peterson told 27 News about her sister Sharon's relationship with Armin Wand.

"They fought just like anybody else but there's been times that Sharon actually called and she wanted me to come pick her up with the boys and Armin wouldn't let her take the boys if she were ever to leave," Peterson said.

"Often times that is exactly what the abusers will do, is use the children to keep the women to stay," said Julie Schebig, a domestic abuse survivor. In 2009, She was nearly bludgeoned to death on her kitchen floor by her husband at the time, Jerry Orton. Her children witnessed the attack. Schebig said seeing other domestic violence incidents brings out a lot of emotions. "Anger first of all, anger that this is still a problem that's going on in our society…and sadness, there's a lot of sadness because I understand the dynamic of it and what these women are going through," she said.

Armin Wand told police he wanted to kill his wife and kids to collect on their life insurance policies. "National research shows that if a family's feeling economic stress, they're at greater risk for domestic violence," Barry said. Wand also told police he wanted a ‘fresh start.'

Barry said, "It takes a certain level of distancing one's self and viewing the victims as non-human to go to that next level of such a brutal and vicious homicide."

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