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Baraboo WI ranks in Most Mail Efficient Areas

BARABOO (WKOW) -- Every year, the average American household household receives over 720 pieces of advertising mail. Most people refer to it as 'junk mail' and often it's not even read before it hits the trash can. But some cities are trying to stop the overflow of junk mail to homes in an effort to save time and money.
Recently, Catalog Choice, one of the nation's largest mail preference services named the twenty most mail-efficient metro areas for the month of August 2012. The list ranks the communities that have opted out of the most unwanted advertising mail per capita and is published monthly. Baraboo Wisconsin made the list coming in at number twelve. The top twenty most mail efficient metro areas in August 2012, include:
1.         Boulder, CO
2.         Fort Collins, CO
3.         Santa Fe, NM
4.         Napa, CA
5.         Seattle, WA
6.         Ithaca, NY
7.         Truckee, CA
8.         San Francisco, CA
9.         Bridgeport, CT
10.       Edwards, CO
11.       Austin, TX
12.       Baraboo, WI
13.       San Jose, CA
14.       Boston, MA
15.       Durham, NC
16.       Hilton Head, SC
17.       Portland, OR
18.       Oak Harbor, WA
19.       Ann Arbor, MI
20.       Washington, DC
It costs municipalities upwards of $1 billion to collect and dispose of the 10 billion pounds of solid waste created each year by direct advertising mail. During August 2012, these communities collectively opted out of enough company marketing lists to save more than 232,000 pounds of solid waste and over 1,500 trees annually. You can find more information at
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