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Stacie was chosen as the winner of WKOW's DWTS: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. Each week, she'll post a blog entry about Monday evening's "DWTS" show.

BLOG ENTRY 9 (Monday, November 19)

Well here we are and only 1 week left hard to believe it went so fast. Double elimination Tues night, this is when it really gets so hard you usually hate to see anyone go but yet someone has to.
Tony & Melissa~
Dance#1 Caveman Hustle-  Cute dance I thought.  The judges were saying she was off balance well with all those swirls & twirls you would be a little off balance too.  I liked it, it was FUN!!    27.5
Dance#2 Argentine Tango- That was absolutely FANTASTIC!!  So perfect and awesome lifts!!!  30   Total  57.5
Derek & Shawn~
Dance#1 Bangra- Wow what was that? Hmmmm that was odd but I liked it I think!!  Yes I did I liked it a lot!!  30
Dance#2 Argentine Tango- Great dance again.  Shawn she can do anything she is like unstoppable! 29  Total 59
Katrina & Apolo~
Dance#1- Well I think he has done better.  It was just OK to me.  I liked their idea of the dance but he slipped right away & I think that threw him off the rest of the time.  27
Dance#2- Rumba- Beautiful dance so romantic & loving.  30  Total  57
Cheryl & Emmitt~
Dance#1- Hello that was super agent Emmitt.  How cool was that.   27
Dance#2 Tango- I liked that dance again Emmitt is such a cool, suave dude he can just about win anyone over.  27  Total 54
Val & Kelly~
Dance#1 Oooohhhhh geez I thought it was a Paso but I guess NOT!!  Otherwise that was Perfect!!  Vals trunks were very nice too.  25.5
Dance#2  Ohhhhh geez I thought this was absolutely beautiful, sultry & lustful.   28.5   Total 54
So my predictions for Tuesday night:
Val/Kelly & Katrina/Apolo for who might be going home. Even thought I hope not!!!
Favorite for Monday night:  Melissa & Tony
Least Favorite:  Katrina & Apolo
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I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS All-Stars Super Blogger Contest.  The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of their related person. Tune in Tuesday night for the LIVE results show!!!


BLOG ENTRY 8 (Monday, November 12, 2012)

Double Elimination Tuesday Night!! I am not sure who is going at this point it could be anyone.  
Click here for any episodes or clips that you may have missed. 
Derek & Shawn ~
1) That was an angelic and beautiful dance.  Sooo heavenly          29.5
2) Very cool, very tribal, hmmm shall I say Welcome to the Jungle??  Amazing    26
combined score this week & last week 93.5
Wow I think Carrie Ann & Len are having a cat fight!! 
Katrina & Apolo ~
1) Zippity do daa zippity day my oh my what a great Tango that was!!     29.5
2) Excellent dance. Love Apolo he has finally stepped up his game!!     29
combined score this week & last week 91.5
Maks & Kirstie ~
1) That was probably her best dance it was really light and airy just very pretty.    27
2) Love the music choice but seemed like it was lacking something.  Why didn't she not have shoes on?   24
combined score this week & last week  79
Val & Kelly ~
1) Bruno says a Twinkling Twirler.  I think he is right by George!!  I thought it was nice.     28
2) So fun, so fast I think that was a very jovial Jive. Loved it and Love them!!    28.5
Peta & Gilles ~
1) That was a cool fantastic, fun dance.  Wow if that were me I probably couldn't breathe after the dance.     29.5
2) That was a SUPER, SEXY, SALSA      29
combined score this week & last week  92
Cheryl & Emmitt ~
1) What a smooth dancer.  Or I guess you could say Smooth Operator!!   28
2) Woooooohooooooo Great Salsa  Perfecto!!!      30   
combined score this week & last week     92.5
Tony & Melissa ~
1) That was awesome!!  She just keeps getting better & better AMAZING!!    30
2) GREAT PASO  wow Melissa was soooo Dominant   30
combined score with last week 99
Well my prediction for Tues night is  Kristie/Maks,  and I have no idea on the other person Oh I am so glad I am not a direct judge when it comes down to a hard decision like this.
Favorite:  Tony & Melissa
Least Favorite:  Maks & Kirstie
I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author & do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of the related person. 
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Don't forget to watch your the results show Tuesday evening right here on WKOW. 
Have a great week everyone. We only have two weeks left, I believe Tom said!!!!


BLOG ENTRY 7 (Monday, November 5, 2012)

Gosh here we are into Week 7 already. My goodness well the nice thing is NO elimination this week.BAD thing is DOUBLE elimination next week. So we got to take the good with the bad. So how was that for a shocker last week. Poor Sabrina I just adored her & I loved her dance the night before she finally was able to show some raw emotion. My jaw dropped to the floor again and I know its not going to get any easier as the weeks go on. Check out ABC.com for the latest on DWTS or check out the star's bio's, watch a clip etc. 

Karina & Apolo~  cha cha/paso~ That was fantastic, full of energy and fast dancing. If Apolo keeps this up he could definitely end up in the finals.  27

Cheryl & Emmitt~ Rumba/Samba~ WOW that was cool how they went back & forth thru out the song for both dances. That had to have been so hard to learn. But good ol' Emmitt he is such a trooper!!   27.5
Maks & Kirstie~ Quickstep/Samba~ I like the music but really felt the music choice & put together with the dance and then throw in the costumes it just didn't all mesh for me!!  24
Val & Kelly~ Foxtrot/Quickstep~ That was fun and flirty. I think there is a little something else starting to bloom here & I LOVE IT!! I love them together and they have great chemistry.  27
Tony & Melissa~ Cha cha/Tango~ Unbelievable how AWESOME that was. I would almost say that might be her best dance of the season. Yeahhhh so excited it went so good for her & that she is not hurting her neck any more. Almost a perfect score!!  29
Mark (filing in for Derek & Shawn~ Tango/Paso~ Oh I love Bon Jovi it just brings me right back to my senior year in high school...ok enough about that. That was SUPERB, AWESOME, EXCELLENT and they did get a perfect score.  You hit it out of the ball park with that one.  30
Peta & Gilles~ Tango/Samba~ That was so good & fun. hmmmm maybe Erotic would be a good word to describe it. YOWSA  28.5
The Dance Marathon: This was fun to watch everyone even upside down Emmitt!! 

Ok, remember no elimination this week but next week Double Elimination on Tuesday.
Predictions for next week: Maks/Kirstie & Peta/Gilles. Gosh, I just don't know anymore its anyone's game right now. 
Least favorite: Maks & Kirstie
Favorite: Tony & Melissa
remember to get out and ***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE***VOTE
Again warm prayers to those out East still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I would also just like to add that I am honored that about 200 of my co-workers are out there as well helping restore power. I know many of them & I am so proud that I work with such a great group of people!!
Also remember there will be NO RESULTS show for DWTS Tuesday evening November 6. 
I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS All-Stars super blogger contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of their related person.


BLOG ENTRY 6 (Monday, October 29, 2012)

Well last week was a bit confusing to me.  I have to say though my favorite team dance was by far the Call Me Maybe ten times over!!

♥ ♥ ♥ I  LOVE COUNTRY ♥ ♥ ♥ YEE HAW♥ ♥ ♥

Peta & Gilles~  He is so cha cha cha ooo lalala Fun Fun Fun what a great dance!!  WOW and check out those pants are those Vinyl??   29.5  & combined score w/last wk  84/90

Louie & Sabrina~  That was absolutely beautiful & danced from her ♥.  That brought me to tears.  Not for long though then Bruno has me cracking up hugging Len oh dear god!  30  & combined score w/last wk 88.5/90

Val & Kelly~ That was very dramatic I wasnt so sure where her head was even supposed to be but she was beautiful doing it.  27  & combined score w/last wk 78.5/90

Tony & Melissa~  She is so beautiful when she dances and yet she also makes it look so easy too.  Very graceful.  29.5  & combined score w/last wk 86/90

Derek & Shawn~  YEEHAW!! get your sexy on.  Shawn you are Rockin!!  Way to go.  28 &  combined score w/last wk 84.5/90

Max & Kirstie~ She does pretty darn good for being 60 years old.  She certainly doesnt act 60 thats for sure.  She is having fun & thats whats important.  Well at least I think she is.  LOL  27.5  & combined score w/last wk 80/90

Karina & Apolo~  What a sweet dance!  Finally approval from all 3 judges they all really loved it. 30 & combined score w/last wk 86.5/90

Cheryl & Emmitt~  Loved the SOLO on this one that was FUN.  But I felt they could of picked a more up to date song & Cheryls outfit too was so outdated.  But overall it was good.  How sweet to at the end he gives his wife a flower & kiss.  She is beautiful.  26.5 & combined score w/last wk 82.5/90

FUN FUN FUN Group Country Dance!!!  That just made me want to get up & start line dancing or something. 

Lots of great Country Music on tonights show.  Cant wait for Tuesday night show with Taylor Swift. 

So with that said dont forget to tune in to WKOW on Tuesday evening for the results show of DWTS!!

Dont forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE many different ways call in, text, Facebook, website

Remember fans you can check out ABC.com for all the DWTS bios, or full episodes if you missed any.

Prediction for Elimination: wow I have no idea but maybe Val & Kelly I dont think she has the fans that Emmitt has or maybe Peta & Gilles for the same reason.  It is really starting to get super hard.

Favorite moment: I think Apolo & Karina

Least Favorite moment:  Cheryl & Emmitt  that was really hard for me to put them down because he is my favorite!!  But didnt enjoy the song or the outfits or the dance just ok!!

♥ My thoughts and prayers go out to the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy!!  Stay Safe EVERYONE ♥

I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS ALL-STARS SUPER BLOGGER CONTEST.  The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author & do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of their related person. 


BLOG ENTRY 5 (Monday, October 22, 2012)

Well finally Bristol is gone!  I heard a lot of wooohooo's out there it was just her time to go.  I do not think she made too many friends along the way this time.  Oh well onto the next elimination!!

Val & Kelly~24.5  That was good but I think it was hard to follow up from last week's hot number they did.  But good overall.  This girl has a lot on her plate too she is working probably 12 hours at General Hospital then she goes & rehearses for probably another 6 or more hours for DWTS.  She probably isn't getting much sleep.  Too bad she can't just take off work till this season is over so she can just focus on DWTS.   I think they make a cute couple!!

Peta & Gilles~ 29.5  W.O.W  He is amazing.  Did someone call the fire department that was HOT......in fact so HOT that Carrie Ann fell off her chair. OMG she knocked her noggin a good one.  I don't mean to laugh but that was funny.  One minute she is on the chair flailing her arms the next she is laying on the ground. 

Max & Kirstie~ 25.5  The judges say it was her best dance so far.  I thought it was too.  She is soooo hard on herself but some people need to be to push themselves.  Great Job!!

Cheryl & Emmitt~ 29  What a Cool Dude!!  What else can I say, he just makes dancing look so easy.  He has so much rhythm and it just flows out of his feet so easily like he is floating on the dance floor.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Team Call Me Maybe~ 29.5  Really Carrie Ann did that fall cause you to judge the way Len usually does.  Len usually doesn't give out a 10 & then tonight he gives a 10 & not you.  That was a super fun dance.  Super energetic, fun and just awesomeness.  The choreography alone was simply fantastic. 

Tony & Melissa~ This poor girl didn't she get hurt on the last season she was here in Season 5?  Just watching her made my neck want to snap or crack.  I could barely watch it thinking her neck is gonna snap off.  But they did great none the less. 

Louie & Sabrina~  Great routine, fun, fast and energetic.  It makes me want to get out there & do it.

Karina & Apolo~  Another great job.  They just have so much fun!

Derek & Shawn~  I think they were very close to dropping her a couple times if they actually didn't really drop her in practice.  She is a brave soul more power to her!!

Don't forget to do your part & VOTE!!!! Tuesday night the Results Show of DWTS airs on WKOW. 

Anytime you want to know more about the contestants please log onto DWTS website for more details.

I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS ALL-STARS Super Blogger Contest.  The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of their related person. 


BLOG ENTRY 4 (Monday, October 15, 2012)

Well we are in week #4 already.  I must say last week's elimination was another shocker!!  I was on the phone so fast to my mom to see what she thought and we were both in a state of shock!!  How could this be?  Maybe you think I have it out for Bristol and I do not but clearly when you are not as talented and you have the lowest score two weeks in a row and you are still SAFE!!  Wow she has amazing fans!!  Just Saying!!

Maks & Kirstie~ 30 Charleston- That was pretty good & Kirstie looked good.  I hate to say cute but she did look cute almost like little bo peep if she would of had a lamb with her.

Mark & Bristol~ 32 Rock n Roll  That was a fun, fast dance.  Better than the last couple weeks.  I liked it!

Louie & Sabrina~ 35.5 Disco  That was awesome! Louie does a great job choreographing.  What a DISCO DIVA  I love it of course Bruno would know about being a Diva!!  Fun, Fun, Fun with big hair and Bee Gee's music really takes you back!! 

Cheryl & Emmitt~ 36 Bolero That was beautiful, sensual and HOT!  Emmitt is such a smooth dancer for a big guy he can move he has the rhythm!

Peta & Gilles~ 39.5 Bollywood REALLY LEN you couldn't give them a 10!!  They did amazing it was just like Gilles was Aladdin.  Where is his magic carpet?  Sooooo Fab!!!

Tony & Melissa~ 37 Jitterbug This dance was made for Melissa it is full of life just like Melissa is and Tony for that matter.  Perfect fit for the both of them. 

Derek & Shawn~ 39.5 Mambo  Well what can I say??  Derek is absolutely amazing at teaching and choreographing.  Shawn is so flexible and able to adapt to any dance style. AMAZING that was so fun and exciting.  What was that toward the end of the dance did she grab his bottom to pull herself up.  Well it doesn't matter because this is one of my favorites tonight!!

Karina & Apolo~ 34.5 Hip Hop  That was good that took me back to 1987. Apolo he is another one who just can adapt must be those Olympians they are just sooo flexible.  I'm sorry, what is Karina crying about?? She fell when?  If she is talking about at the end I thought that was part of it her just sitting sideways on the stairs.  No one probably would of know if she hadn't said anything.  They still got very good scores.  I hope they don't go home for that tomorrow.  But I am almost afraid to predict anymore!!  But this might be one of the bottom two.

Val & Kelly~ 37.5 Contemporary  Ummmm excuse me I think they need to have a little privacy.  Wow that was intense and emotional and that dance probably hit a note with every couple who has gone thru a break up.  The kind of break up where I don't want you but I don't want anyone else to have you either.  That's what their dance reminded me of.  You could definitely tell it hit a deep emotion with Kelly & Val as well.  Loved it!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE! For more on DWTS bio, recaps or the full episodes if you missed it last night, click here.


Karina & Apolo or Maks & Kirstie

Favorite of the night:  Derek & Shawn

Least Favorite:  Maks & Kirstie

Don't forget to watch DWTS Results Show on Tuesday night's on WKOW.

I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS ALL-STARS Super Blogger Contest.  The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of their related person. 


BLOG ENTRY 3 (Monday, October 8, 2012)


Well last week was a shocker I had not seen that coming at all didn't expect Joey to go home I was betting on Bristol.  Now with Double Elimination Tuesday its going to be really hard to say who is going home.  

Remember to ****VOTE VOTE VOTE ****each week to keep your favorites around till the end.

Anna & Drew~ Scored 24....That was great Drew I think you should choreograph more often!  Your highest score of the season.

Peta & Gilles~ Score 25.5....Well he can definitely act the part great.  Little out of sync with each other but all in all it was pretty good.

Tony & Melissa~ Scored 27....Melissa you ROCK!! I think she & Tony are really looking great together.

Karina & Apolo~ Scored 25.5....Way to go Apolo taking the lead like a man!  

Val & Kelly~ Scored 27....They are quickly becoming one of my top favorites.  That was wonderful.

Maks & Kirstie~ Scored 24....Wow what a great dance but please tell me WHO is she dancing with?? OMG Maks looks so funny with that hair.....hahahahaha Tom says he could be a cross between Magic Mike & Mrs. Doubtfire that made me LOL. 

Louie & Sabrina~ Scored 25.5....Fun, exciting, dominating she is.  Love Sabrina she always makes it look so easy.  Carrie-Ann says she has to dock her in points for no creativity she had nothing new.  Bruno & Len give nothing but praise.  I think Carrie-Ann is a little off her rocker tonight.

Cheryl & Emmitt~ Scored 25....He's baaaaack!! WOW so aggressive and just danced with meaning in every step he took.  Like he was stomping out a fire.  Wooohoooo loved it Emmitt

Chelsie & Helio~ Scored 25.5....That was QUICK stepping.  Too bad Helio stumbled on Chelsie's dress.  Since the judges had to take a point off for that & a couple of other boo boo's he still did pretty good. 

Mark & Bristol~ Scored 22.5....Ok now they are fighting like young kids.  My opinion Bristol is insecure she is not as good as Sabrina or Shawn but yet she blames her anger on Mark not showing up for rehearsal.  This is the 2nd week in a row that Bristol is the lowest in the pack for scores.   If she doesn't go home tomorrow when she should I will lay down and cry.  You can catch more of their argument here.

Derek & Shawn~ Scored 26.5....Wow that kick toward the end looked like Derek just booted Shawn in the booty.  OMG Carrie-Ann keep your feet on the ground you just about poked Len's eye out with your high heel shoes.  That was so fun & energetic and I quote "One of the best dances EVER"

Ok so prediction: Mark/Bristol & Anna/Drew or Maks/Kirstie

Favorites:  Tony & Melissa

Least Favorite:  Helio I wish you would not have slipped on the dress. 

***Don't forget to watch Dancing With The Stars Results Show on Tuesday Night on WKOW***and click here for more on DWTS. 

I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW DWTS ALL-STARS Super-Bloggers Contest.  The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author & do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, DWTS or any of their related person. 


BLOG ENTRY 2 (Monday, October 1, 2012):

Week #2  Dancing With The Stars

I was right on with Pamela getting voted off last week.  Sorry but she just was not up there with all the rest of the "Stars" in the talent department!  At least not for dancing!!

Well week #2 was no disappointment at all.  Wow a lot of great dances again everyone really has stepped it up a notch & I can only imagine what it is going to be like at week 10 INSANELY GREAT!!

Tony & Melissa~ They did an awesome job dancing the jive this week.  This was one dances that she never got a chance to dance back when she was on Season 8.  Wow Len & Bruno can you say CAT FIGHT!!!!! Right out of the gates & Len is telling Bruno to SHUT UP!! 23.5     

Mark & Bristol~  Definitely not as good as last week!  She did mess up a few times.  It was almost as if she were going back into her shell.  Bristol, that could put a target on you for Tuesday night's show.  Come on girl, keep your leaf a turning!!  18

Chelsie & Helio~  They ROCKED that Jive~ Unbelievable.  Man his energy is electrifying.  Chelsie she isn't too bad either!! 23

Karina & Apolo    GOLD MEDAL tonight Apolo for your Quick Step.  Karina said I want you to take charge & that is exactly what you did. 24.5

Louie & Sabrina~ I really hope she goes all the way till the end! That was fantastic she is finally getting to prove she shouldn't of never been kicked off the earlier season.  She and Louie have great chemistry       together.  AWESOME Sabrina just got the first 9 of the season! 26

Maks & Kirstie~  She is doing pretty good. She always has but she also has a few years on most of them. She claims she has lived 3 of Shawn Johnson's lives. 21

Cheryl & Emmitt~ Always a favorite of mine.  Just a cool cat!!   Well Emmitt he didn't have as good of a QuickStep as I was hoping for.  I believe no matter what he has a large fan base & they will pull him thru this week. 22.5

Anna & Drew~  So much better this week than last week.  Hopefully he's not in the bottom 2 again.  Even Anna did a much better job training/coaching Drew. 22.5

Kym & Joey~  Charlie Chaplin was in the house tonight. No just kidding....Joey you are an entertainer above all. I love watching you!!  Don't worry you're not going anywhere just yet. 22.5

Derek & Shawn~  They were great as usual  Derek just never gets a bad partner.  Shawn she is so flexible & can just about do any dance you want her to. They are super cute together.  25

Val & Kelly~  Kelly is too funny.  Val making wise comments about her bust so Kelly brings in water balloons & a bra & makes Val wear all of it so he can get the feel of what it is like for us more bustier women to be jumping/dancing around.  I think he got the picture!! 22

Peta & Gilles ~  Oh no Gilles pulled a hamstring!!  But he was the BEST JIVE of the night even with an Injury!!!  He is simply amazing, Oh so sweet he has dedicated tonight's dance & the song they danced to,  to his late father that had passed away 17 years ago mon 10/1/12.  Gilles~ Your father must be looking down on you & is so proud!! 25.5

Ok so my predications for Tuesday Night's show to be voted off is...........Bristol Palin& Mark or Maks & Kirstie?

For more information, click here  to find your DWTS bios, recaps, full episodes and much more.

Also remember each week to vote & there are lots of ways to vote you can call in, online, text, or Facebook. 

Don't forget to watch Dancing With The Stars Results Show on Tues. night on WKOW. 

Next week's show it will be the Celebrity being the creative director of their dance.  The judges want it to be eye popping stuff & stuff they have never seen before!!


BLOG ENTRY 1 (Monday, September 24, 2012):

Wow what an exciting night for DWTS I could hardly wait for it to start!!  I have watched it faithfully for all the seasons except for the very first season I did not see.  So I missed Kelly Monaco & am very excited to get to see her dance on this season's All Star's.  Well they sure didn't waste any time getting to it tonight now did they. 

20.5 Kim & Joey~ This guy is so charismatic I love to watch him dance.  A jokester but I think what he brings to the table most of all is his fun loving attitude and just wants to laugh and have a good time. Pretty good job for the first dance of the night. Gotta love Kim too she is so sweet they make a good dancing couple.

22 Derek & Shawn~ This ex-gymnast is so darn cute and might I add RETIRED. She & Derek did a great job I thought she has always been a strong competitor on DWTS. Bruno well you know how Bruno is he just cracks me up with all his comments and then you have Len and he is the same ole same ole!! 

22.5 Louie & Sabrina~ She is beautiful and she dances great!! Still shocking to think back to Season 5 and I can remember it like it was yesterday how she was voted off NO ONE saw that coming!!! To this day it was the most shocking send off of all time I believe on DWTS.  I think this girl has got it going on and hopefully she can go till the end!!

21.5 Chelsie & Helio~ These 2 make a fun couple. Helio was the Champ of Season 5 and Chelsie is so young and so much ambition I think she will do great things with Helio. They had a great dance.

17  Tristan & Pamela~ Oh dear where do I start?  Why is she on here?  She was not even close to being a finalist? But I guess they do not all have to be finalist. But to me that was painful to watch.  I believe DWTS were trying to maybe get some extra "points" like extra credit for having Pamela on the All Star's show for their ratings I think her dances are numbered.

21 Tony & Melissa~ Love her dress! She has a great partner and they did a great dance together.  At least this time she had 3 weeks to prepare instead of just 2 or 3 days so that has to feel a little better this time around. 

 22 Karina & Apolo~ First I have to say I have never been a big Karina fan.  Not sure why but I think her attitude from years past contributed.  BUT.....the last couple seasons what a change I think she has lost some of her attitude & it just makes her a more likable person and with that I then like her partner more also.  I always liked Apolo even when he won Season 4 he has so much flexibility the others better be on the lookout for him.

24 Pita & Gilles~ Well Gilles has not changed still handsome & debonair as ever.  That was a great "Old Hollywood" style dance. Very beautiful and he is just so darn good.

19.5 Mark & Bristol~ Well, well, well, what happened to little miss Bristol Palin??? Looks like she grew up a little bit. She looks great and her confidence level has skyrocketed out of this world.  I think she definitely is coming out of her shell.   

21.5 Anna & Drew~ hmmmmm these 2 were an awkward couple to me. Anna seemed like she was trying to squat down as to not be taller than Drew.  I don't know but that's what it looked like to me.  I like Drew & I think he did a good job dancing but hopefully there is more to see from him. 

21.5 Val & Kelly~ Winner of Season 1!!  The season I missed.  I couldn't believe that season was only 6 weeks long holy cow batman that seems so short now a days.  She did AWESOME!!!!!! She is such a tiny thing too and the HOT CHEMISTRY between Val & Kelly wow watch out it might just melt your TV!!

19 Maks & Kirstie~ Kirstie is so beautiful when she dances she really knows how to use her body & arms. Even the 2 of them have a special bond that only they understand.  Bruno of course he has to make comments and is so dramatic when he does. 

24.5Cheryl & Emmitt~ Ok he has awesome technique!! Seems so natural for him just like breathing is for all of us. For an Ex-Football player he can still move. Of course Cheryl & Emmitt work so well together also. 

My predictions for Tuesday Night eliminations is:  Tristan & Pamela or Anna & Drew

Favorite Part: Watching Sabrina especially after seeing her booted off so early in season 5!!  So glad the fans voted her back on!!

Least Favorite Part:  Tristan & Pamela's dance.  That was really bad. 

I am writing this blog as the winner of WKOW's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WKOW, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any their related person."

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