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Arrest round-up focuses on domestic violence


MADISON (WKOW) -- A task force of Dane County sheriff's deputies arrested three men, as it attempted to carry out arrest warrants for dozens of people suspected of domestic violence.

Authorities say the domestic violence sweep was part of a one-day, national effort in acknowledgment of October's status as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Sheriff's spokesperson Elise Shaffer identified the three arrested men as:

* Wang Vang, 28. Arrest warrant charges: disorderly conduct and battery with domestic violence enhancer.

* William Crossland, 31. Arrest warrant charges: disorderly conduct with domestic violence enhancer.

* Todd Finkler, 53. Arrest warrant charges: physical abuse of a child.

Schaffer says the nine-person task force made 78 attempts Wednesday to locate people with outstanding warrants.

Schaffer says intelligence gathered during the one-day sweep may lead to future arrests.

Authorities say resource limitations prevent regular searches for people who are the subject of domestic violence-related arrest warrants.

Schaffer says Dane County does dedicate a deputy to search for people who have outstanding warrants for failure to pay child support.

Authorities say one-third of all referrals to the Dane County District Attorney are domestic related.

Authorities say in 2010, three fatal, officer-involved suspect shootings in Dane and Columbia counties were the result of an escalation of a domestic violence situation. 

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