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Haughton's former Madison co-worker stunned by Brookfield violence

MADISON (WKOW) -- A former Madison co-worker of the man authorities say shot and killed his estranged wife and two other women, and wounded others at a Brookfield salon, says he's stunned at the violence.

Derek Hornsby worked with shooter Radcliffe Haughton at the Land-Rover Jaguar dealership in Madison in 2005, with Hornsby succeeding Radcliffe as general manager.

"Outwardly, (he) appears to be a guy who was engaged with his family in a positive way, and was good with his daughters," Hornsby tells 27 News.

Hornsby says Haughton was a large, physical presence, with an out-sized personality, who connected well with the dealership's affluent customers.

Hornsby says he was unaware of any domestic problems between Haughton and his wife, Zina, while Haughton worked in Madison.

"She seemed like a very nice person," Hornsby says.

Madison police records show officers had three contacts with Haughton in 2005. But the records show the contacts involved no arrests, did not involve Zina Haughton, but rather a traffic accident, and two disputes at the dealership.

Zina Haughton was granted a restraining, court order by a Milwaukee County judge against her husband last week.

Haughton's statement of facts referenced Radcliffe Haughton slashing her tires at the Brookfield salon, where she worked. She also said her husband "terrorizes" her.

The domestic abuse injunction required Radcliffe Haughton to surrender his guns. But, Wisconsin law does not require any verification of such firearms surrender.

Rep. Terese Berceau (D-Madison) tells 27 News a previous, failed proposal to require verification of firearms surrender within 48 hours should be reconsidered.

"It will at least help us with a certain percentage of people who are willing to surrender their guns, and are not going to go out and seek a gun. It's not going to be the total answer."

Authorities late Monday said Radcliffe purchased the handgun used in Sunday's shooting just days after the restraining order was placed on him.

Hornsby says Haughton was an ex-Marine who talked at times of a tour of duty in Iraq. Hornsby says he wonders if Haughton's potential, psychological scars after his return from deployment went unnoticed or ignored. 

Brown Deer police officials say a 90 minute standoff over domestic trouble took place last winter between officers and Haughton at their home, but Haughton was not arrested. Haughton was later charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Hornsby said he was "numb" after first hearing the news of the shooting involving his former colleague in the Madison auto industry.

"Your heart just goes out to everyone involved. The whole thing is just hard to process," says Hornsby.

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