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Bullet pierced window at executive residence


MADISON (WKOW) -- A police report shows an officer's accidental discharge of his gun resulted in a bullet piercing a window at the governor's executive residence.

A report by Maple Bluff police officer Gary Sandridge says the bullet hole was in a window of the residence's security office.

According to the report, Sandbridge says, "My observation of the bullet hole initially lead me to think that either the bullet was fired within a close proximity to the window or it was fired from a rifle from the area of the compound's north gate."

Department of Administration spokesperson Stephanie Marquis says an officer accidentally discharged his weapon just before 11 p.m. on October 18. Marquis says nether Governor Walker, First Lady Tonette Walker, nor their children were inside the residence when the gun went off, and no was hurt. Marquis says the State Capitol police officer was serving a probationary period, and has been terminated.

Sandridge's report says he primarily checked the grounds of the residence with two Capitol police officers, and guarded the front of the residence.

"The officer... who made contact with the officer stationed in the security office came back outside and stated that the officer inside was shook up," Sandridge's report states.

Sandridge's report includes no description of what happened inside the executive residence. Marquis has declined to describe the circumstances surrounding the discharge of the gun, to identify the officer, or to provide any information on his service with the Capitol police force.

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