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UPDATE: Baldwin hits Thompson back in battle over 9/11


MADISON (WKOW) -- It may be eleven years later, but 9/11 is suddenly the hot issue in the race for Wisconsin's open U.S. Senate seat.

This started Tuesday, when Tommy Thompson's campaign launched a television ad attacking Tammy Baldwin for voting no on a 2006 9/11 victims commemoration bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"Tammy Baldwin had the opportunity to vote to honor the victims of 9/11 and she voted against it," says a voice in the ad.

"Its a dishonest ad, as other people have said, its a disgusting ad," said John Kraus, a Baldwin Campaign Spokesperson.

The ad goes on to say: "Tammy Baldwin's extreme far-left approach leaves this country in jeopardy."

Thompson campaign officials say its a fact that Rep. Baldwin (D-Madison) voted against the bill and that it is a reasonable issue to raise in this campaign.
"It once again shows that Tammy Baldwin's to the left of her own party and she's out of the mainstream," said Lisa Boothe, a Thompson campaign spokesperson. "And yes, I think that is incredibly important for Wisconsin families to know about."

Baldwin was one of just 22 representatives to vote against the resolution, but Kraus said she did so because Republicans also included language in the bill endorsing the Patriot Act and a punitive immigration bill, both of which she was against.

Kraus says Baldwin voted in favor of similar resolutions nine other times.

In retaliation, the Baldwin campaign released a 9/11 attack ad of its own.

"And Tommy Thompson?  He got a government contract to provide health care to 9/11 first responders.  But Tommy took advantage, leaving them without the care they were promised," reads a narrator for the ad.

Thompson got that contract when he was the President of Logistics Health, Inc. of La Crosse.

"The real question is whether Tommy Thompson's gonna take responsibility for this ad and his record," said Kraus.

"What Tammy Baldwin put out this morning is just a desperate attempt to hide the fact that she put her extreme agenda above the victims of September 11th," responded Boothe.

This issue is likely going to be amplified on Friday night when Thompson and Baldwin go head-to-head in their third and final debate.


MADISON (WKOW) -- The race for Wisconsin's open U.S. Senate seat has suddenly become a battle over 9/11.

Less than 24 hours after Tommy Thompson's campaign released a new television ad criticizing Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison) for voting against a 2006 resolution to honor 9/11 victims, the Congresswoman's campaign fired back with an ad of their own.

Her response ad begins with a narrator calling Thompson's ad a disgrace. It then attacks Thompson for making $3 million from Logistics Health, a company he led that was criticized for how it handled reimbursements to 9/11 responders under a government contract it won.

Baldwin's campaign claims she voted for similar 9/11 resolutions nine times, but didn't in 2006 because the resolution contained endorsements of other Republican policies that Baldwin opposed.



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