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Local campaigns refocus after Obama, Romney cancel events


MADISON (WKOW) -- Hurricane Sandy is having a big impact on the presidential election.

Both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama canceled respective campaign stops in Milwaukee and Green Bay for Monday and Tuesday.

But, their Wisconsin campaign teams aren't slowing down.

Diana Maas left her home in Washington, D.C. last Thursday to volunteer for President Obama in Madison.

She is now more than a bit pre-occupied with Hurricane Sandy.

"Absolutely, I'm still on my phone checking Twitter, texting my friends, calling them, saying 'OK, what's the update now?'  You know, 'how much darker is it now than it was 20 minutes ago, are we getting rain, are we getting wind?'", said Maas, a native of Spooner, WI.

But, officials for the Obama Campaign in Wisconsin say they're largely not distracted by the storm or by the President's decision to cancel Tuesday's scheduled event in Green Bay.

"We can use these last few days to put on these events, but also make sure that we're turning out early voters, making sure that we're hitting our marks for GOTV," said Joe Zepecki, the Obama Campaign's Wisconsin Communications Director.

Campaign appearances by the candidates eat up a lot of time and resources, which are crucial at this stage.

"At this point in the campaign, its about turnout.  To some extent the cake is baked," explained Brian Schimming, Vice-Chair for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

In other words, Mitt Romney appearing in Wisconsin may not be as important now, because most voters have made up their minds.

The main focus now is getting those voters to the polls.

"That's certainly true across the country, and its particularly true in Wisconsin, where its very, very close," added Schimming.

Democrats agree that every minute and every vote counts.

"We're already doing that through early voting and we're confident that we're gonna be able to keep that enthusiasm high over the next eight days," said Zepecki. 

There is no word whether President Obama or Mitt Romney will make it back to Wisconsin before the election, but Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan is scheduled to be in the state on Wednesday.

Former President Bill Clinton is expected to campaign for Barack Obama in Wisconsin at some point this week as well.


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