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City has no immediate plans to move Occupy Madison


MADISON (WKOW) -- The City of Madison has no plans to move the group of homeless people who have once again set up camp at the old Occupy Madison site.

This weekend, the group moved into the same parking lot on East Washington Avenue that the city ordered them to leave in May.

Madison police had told the group they needed to be out by Monday, but the group is still there.

Mayor Paul Soglin is not sure if the city will have to involve the police in the matter though.

"We'll make decisions along those lines when we get some reports," Soglin said. "We're waiting for city and county staff to go down and interview all the people."

Soglin says they will be meeting later this week to determine what will happen with the occupy site and the homeless staying there.

"We've got city staff working on it and looking at zoning and various health code issues," Soglin said.

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