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Motorists wait in line for hours for gasoline

Courtesy: Andrew Burton/Getty Images Courtesy: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

NEW YORK (WKOW) -- People in New York and New Jersey are waiting in line for hours to fill up their vehicles with gasoline.

Lines are nearly a mile long at stations that still have fuel and power with which to pump it.

One man says he waited for three hours in line at a station in the Bronx, and it ran out of gas when it was just about his turn. So, he joined another line nearly a mile long at a gas station in Manhattan.

Another man says he got in line at 5:00 a.m. and three hours later, there were still two dozen cars ahead of him. Just idling and inching along, he used a quarter tank of the gas he had left.

The lines are also causing some confusion on the busy streets too. Some drivers accidentally found themselves in line for gas as they were trying to get somewhere else. The people in line have gotten out of their cars to yell at them for cutting in.

Superstorm Sandy damaged ports that accept fuel tankers, and it flooded underground equipment that sends fuel through pipelines. Without power, fuel terminals can't pump gasoline onto tanker trucks, and gas stations can't pump it into cars.

The Port of New York and New Jersey is slowly starting to accept tankers, but some cargo is being diverted to Virginia.

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