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Pocan and Lee discuss controversial race on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- The suddenly controversial race for Wisconsin's vacant 2nd District Congressional seat is the focus of Capitol City Sunday this weekend.

The race started to become controversial on October 24th.

That's when 29 year-old Kyle Wood, a gay campaign volunteer for Republican Chad Lee, told police that someone had broken into his Madison home and beaten him for not supporting Democrat Mark Pocan, who is also gay.

Five days later, Wood recanted his story.  But before he did, the conservative web site "Media Trackers" posted a series of threatening text messages allegedly sent to Wood by Philip Frank, who is Pocan's partner.

After the texts were proven to be phony, Wood later alleged to some media sources that someone from the Lee campaign must have provided them to Media Trackers.

"That is 100 percent false," said Lee. "In fact, I would love to see where that information came from or why that was said.  But that's 100 percent false and incorrect.

Originally scheduled to debate Lee on the show, Pocan declined and appeared separately.

"We thought it was best to focus on the issues affecting the people of the 2nd District rather than any investigation of individuals in the Lee Campaign or others that could have been involved," said Pocan.

Both candidates did address actual issues relating to the district, including health care, the budget deficit and what do with taxes in the new year.

"Those Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest I think have been a failure," said Pocan. "We were told they would create jobs, they didn't.  We renewed them saying they were gonna create jobs, they didn't."

"For at least the next year, we need to leave it exactly where its at," Lee responded.  "Let's give people some certainty, because right now those tax increases would hit a lot of small business owners and the mom and pop shops."

Capitol City Sunday airs at 9:00 a.m. on WKOW 27, right after this week with George Stephanopoulos.

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