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Thompson says defeat ends political career


PEWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Former Governor Tommy Thompson told supporters his defeat to Democrat Tammy Baldwin in the U.S. Senate race spells the end of his political career, as he has no plans to again seek public office.

But Thompson told supporters chanting, "Tommy, Tommy!," at a Pewaukee hotel he would continue to stay involved and urged others to forge on to build a better state and country.

Thompson told reporters he expected to win the race, and win easily, and the defeat was stunning. But Thompson said he accepts the voters' decision and wishes success for Baldwin.

The 70-year old Thompson served 14 years as governor, more than a decade before that as a lawmaker, and was Health and Human Services Secretary in the Bush administration between 2000-2004.  

Thompson said he took on the race with an eye to the younger generation, so that they would ultimately inherit a better country. Thompson said there were things he would have done differently in the campaign, without citing specifics. Analysts say the race between Baldwin and Thompson involved more campaign spending than any other U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin history, and negative political ads dominated the airwaves during the campaign. 

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