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Referendum passes, Middleton school to get a remodel


MIDDLETON (WKOW) -- Tuesday night's election was a win for some local school districts, including the Middleton-Cross Plains District (M-CP).

Two referendum questions call for M-CP to spend $59.8 million to make more space for their students. District Superintendent Don Johnson says enrollment has been increasing every year. This school year, they're up by three percent and overcrowding at elementary schools has become a problem.

The district plans to remodel Kromrey Middle School. Built in the sixties, conditions at the aging school are rapidly deteriorating, with new problems popping up constantly.

"Our elevators and our wiring, our mold situation, heating and ventilation, and now to know that the solution for all those issues is just a little while away that's really exciting for everyone," says Principal Steve Soeteber.

Over the past few years, the Crow family has found the school is not designed for people with mobility issues. Charlie Crow has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair. The school's old elevator breaks down often which means he sometimes can't eat lunch in the cafeteria, and he can't move around the classrooms very easily.

"It really does affect him and his participation in class," says Charlie's mom Laura Crow. "I think it really changes the dynamics for him."

The new building will be more accessible for student's like Charlie. The remodel adds a new wing to the existing building and knocks down the oldest portion, to be replaced with a new gym. The district will be able to bring in more students to eliminate crowding at the elementary schools.

District officials hope the first phase of construction will be complete by the 2014 school year. That's when the district's 5th graders will move in, and the second phase should be complete halfway through that school year. The entire project should be finished by the 2015 school year.

Charlie is in 8th grade now, so he will be out of the school when the remodeling is done, but Laura says her family is grateful the changes will help future students.

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